Fitness with Impact

Using Bravera, users convert fitness activity data into immediate rewards or social impact. Take solo or team challenges, reach goals, and create impact, automatically.

What would you like to do?

What is Bravera?

Bravera is a platform that converts activity data into something

Why Bravera?

A healthy lifestyle is a transformative journey, data becomes your
‘story’ with high emotional value. Each goal met & personal record
is a celebration. We take this a step further and add something

What people are saying

Bravera definitley motivated me and gave me the drive to put on my
trainers. I was running with real purpose, not just for my own health
but for the charity and the children it supports too.

Victoria, Challenge Participant

As a small non-profit with multiple programmes, Bravera is a great
way people can connect with our initiatives. With limited resources this
is a time-saving tool that builds awareness. Making the connection of
giving and health is building a really committed community that is
delivering great results!

Chris Geary, Founder, BSD Coding Academy and Fargo Foundation / RefuGeek