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Miguel Tan

Miguel's 8km Run Challenge

for World Refugee Day: Run 8K for 8K Refugees

World Refugee Day Challenge (June 20th): Run Your Fastest 8km! 

As of November 2018, there are nearly 8,000 individuals in Hong Kong awaiting approval for refugee status. The application process for refugee status is notoriously slow, leaving them are stuck in limbo in Hong Kong for years with minimal support from the government. The rate of approval for refugee claims in Hong Kong is a mere 0.52%.

That's why we're inviting you to join us to run your fastest 8k on World Refugee Day - 8km to represent the 8,000 asylum seekers in Hong Kong, and your fastest as symbolic of our desire for a speedier application process. Here's how it works: 

Sign up for the challenge on Bravera. You will need a Strava account to sync activities. The challenge activates at 00:01AM on June 20th. After the activation, your next run will be counted! 

2 Invite your friends and family to pledge their support for your challenge (donations go directly to RUN to support our work of rehabilitating vulnerable refugees). 

3 Join our World Refugee Day group road run - meet at Ocean Park MTR exit A carpark at 6:45pm, Thursday June 20th. Don't worry if you can't make it to our group run, we'll give you 4 days until Sunday, June 23rd to run in your own time!

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Distance completed: 8.1KM
Pledge value: HK$ 0 per KM
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World Refugee Day: Run 8K for 8K Refugees

Campaign Fundraising Goal: HK$20,000
Pledged to date: HK$10,888.00 (54%)
Secured to date: HK$8,388.00 (42%)
Distance Travelled: 114 KM
Calories Burned: 5077.9 Calories