RUN Hong Kong

We are an NGO that focuses on the most vulnerable refugees, particularly women, offering them the opportunity to rehabilitate and recuperate through running and other sports. HK$110 covers one track session per week. HK$300 will bring a refugee to a race, including transport, pre-race and post-race snack and electrolyte drinks. HK$400 covers online study costs for one month for a refugee. HK$1000 will provide 15 refugees with transport to the trails to run. HK$2000 will ensure 50 refugees get a decent meal after their training. HK$3000 will provide childcare for 60 refugee children to enable their parents to participate in our programmes.

Campaign Fundraising Goal: HK$50,000
Pledged to date: HK$27,175.00 (54%)
Secured to date: HK$24,506.50 (49%)
Distance Travelled: 414 KM
Calories Burned: 30634.0 Calories