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Luqman Fauzi
SOLO RUN: 10KM for 30% off a beer, coffee, or soft drink

A Drink on the Best Balcony on the Harbour Front

Run 10km and get 30% off a refreshing soft drink, beer, or coffee at Cafe 8

Situated at the rooftop of Pier 8 on Central Harbour front, and right next to the possibly the most run route in Hong Kong, Café 8 offers one of the most desirable views of Hong Kong from its amazing outdoor balcony! 

Opened in late 2013 Café 8 is a social enterprise and a collaboration between the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and The Nesbitt Centre.

Most people run straight past this wonderful cafe that is also a great social enterprise ... by running and converting your run data into a discount you're supporting a great business, and will have a great experience!

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