ALTRA Zodiac 5k Time Trial


We have created a 5k route in Happy Valley (Strava Segment here) and this was originally used for the second race of the series, THE VIRGO.

We have maintained this for the monthly 5k Time Trial organised for the last Tuesday of the Month by The Gone Runners.

$50hkd of the registration fee will be donated to RUN HK on this night.

Entry Fee: HKD 88 per entry 


You will get a QR Code to be redeemed to get a special ZODIAC Medal ...PLUS .... a voucher for 20% off a pair of ALTRA Shoes (or other items at the store) .. redeemable at Gone Running.

After acquiring 12 Zoadiac medals, we will give you the Special Zodiac Centre Medal that connects all medal into a great collectors piece!


Submit your best (funniest, craziest … you get the idea!) photo of you taking the challenge on the ALTRA Hong Kong Facebook page, the 3 photos with the most “likes” will get a FREE pair of ALTRA Running Shoes. 

Terms and Conditions: Challenge can only be taken between the Race Times defined in the race documentation. During the challenge start and end dates / times, you will need to be registered with the Challenge and have the segment recorded on the target STRAVA Segment for it to count. Once you have recorded your run, that will be the end of the challenge. Only activities tagged as 'run' on Strava will count (you can run or walk, but other forms of activity e.g. cycle will NOT be accepted). The organisers have the right to exclude any suspicious looking times and their judgement is final. All participants will also accept our waiver and release of liability before activating a challenge. 

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