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Gurkha Cemeteries Trust

To support the Nepalese students as the descendants of Hong Kong Gurkha’s, who have dropped out or discontinued their higher education in Hong Kong, these students are an integral and important part of Hong Kong . Under the charitable sponsorship of GCT Scholarship Fund we are offering our Online School Scholarship as a two years study online for a High School Diploma, as an alternative pre-University program, and also online University degree programs.

Fundraising Goal: HK$30,000
Pledged to date: HK$1,420.00 (5%)
Secured to date: HK$646.50 (2%)
Participants: 2
Distance Travelled: 66 KM
Calories Burned: 1988 Calories

HelpMeSee: Ending cataract blindness

HelpMeSee has developed readiness standards and tools for surgery practice including patient safety and quality outcome. This resulted in sight-restoring surgeries for more than 250,000 people who had otherwise no hope.

Fundraising Goal: HK$40,000
Pledged to date: HK$100.00 (0%)
Secured to date: HK$26.40 (0%)
Participants: 4
Distance Travelled: 21 KM
Calories Burned: 0 Calories

Exchange & Empower: One Woman One Month 2019

The Exchange and Empower program is a collaboration between Hong Kong Trail Running Women and legendary trail runner and feminist Mira Rai, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, 2017! The program aims to provide opportunity to talented young female runners in Nepal to excel and compete in trail running as well as broaden their horizons through lifestyle changes.

Fundraising Goal: HK$100,000
Pledged to date: HK$25,085.00 (25%)
Secured to date: HK$18,310.00 (18%)
Participants: 18
Distance Travelled: 2443 KM
Calories Burned: 115265 Calories

GR 2019 New Year's Resolution Challenge

The Gone Runners Running Club, Joint Dynamics, & RUN HK invite you to kick-start 2019 the right way! A new year's resolution challenge where your running data will automatically release donations to RUN HK! You run, get fit, feel good, be part of a community, release pledged donations for RUN HK based on distance data, AND … you have the chance to win prizes!

Fundraising Goal: HK$35,000
Pledged to date: HK$29,320.00 (84%)
Secured to date: HK$22,088.10 (63%)
Participants: 73
Distance Travelled: 24103 KM
Calories Burned: 1536436 Calories

RUN Hong Kong

We are an NGO that focuses on the most vulnerable refugees, particularly women, offering them the opportunity to rehabilitate and recuperate through running and other sports. We strive to turn that negative experience of running into something positive.

Fundraising Goal: HK$50,000
Pledged to date: HK$27,175.00 (54%)
Secured to date: HK$24,506.50 (49%)
Participants: 7
Distance Travelled: 414 KM
Calories Burned: 30634 Calories

24Hr Race (Hong Kong)

24Hr Race is a global movement to end slavery around the world. Our vision is simple, and we imagine a future where, thousands of young people across the globe united in one voice and action to confront modern slavery.

Fundraising Goal: HK$15,000
Pledged to date: HK$240.00 (2%)
Secured to date: HK$100.00 (1%)
Participants: 10
Distance Travelled: 593 KM
Calories Burned: 32894 Calories

HandsOn Hong Kong

HandsOn Hong Kong’s mission is to mobilise and empower the community to meet pressing social needs through volunteer services.

Fundraising Goal: HK$25,000
Pledged to date: HK$160.00 (1%)
Secured to date: HK$160.00 (1%)
Participants: 2
Distance Travelled: 83 KM
Calories Burned: 0 Calories


ImpactHK is a charity transforming the lives of the homeless and giving them a second chance.

Fundraising Goal: HK$15,000
Pledged to date: HK$1,301.00 (9%)
Secured to date: HK$1,211.00 (8%)
Participants: 7
Distance Travelled: 569 KM
Calories Burned: 28183 Calories

Enrich HK

Enrich is the leading Hong Kong charity promoting the economic empowerment of migrant domestic workers.

Fundraising Goal: HK$50,000
Pledged to date: HK$100.00 (0%)
Secured to date: HK$0.00 (0%)
Participants: 1
Distance Travelled: 55 KM
Calories Burned: 1930 Calories

Child Welfare Scheme

CWS is a Hong Kong-registered charity with a mission to provide protection, education, health care and opportunities to disadvantaged children and their families. Each year CWS supports 30, 000 children directly and thousands more indirectly.

Fundraising Goal: HK$25,000
Pledged to date: HK$100.00 (0%)
Secured to date: HK$100.00 (0%)
Participants: 2
Distance Travelled: 213 KM
Calories Burned: 9538 Calories

Angkor Hospital for Children

Angkor Hospital for Children is filling the gaps present in the Cambodian healthcare system, performing over 170,000 treatments each year to combat Cambodia's extremely high child mortality rate.

Fundraising Goal: HK$20,000
Pledged to date: HK$1,670.00 (8%)
Secured to date: HK$1,670.00 (8%)
Participants: 7
Distance Travelled: 798 KM
Calories Burned: 8389 Calories


RefuGeek is a series of courses that aim to offer refugees and asylum seekers around the world the opportunity to learn basic code and web design skills in order to give them the skills they need to succeed in society today.

Fundraising Goal: HK$50,000
Pledged to date: HK$400.00 (1%)
Secured to date: HK$100.00 (0%)
Participants: 1
Distance Travelled: 0 KM
Calories Burned: 0 Calories