how to Give back & get fit

Using our online platform, you can set your milestones and ask your friends to support your charity. When you reach these goals by recording them on Strava, money is donated. Here's how...


1. Select your charity and choose a challenge


2. Connect to our activity tracker partner Strava and set your milestones and donation amounts through Bravera


3. Invite family and friends to support your training and donate to your cause. When you hit your training milestones, donations are released automatically


4. Continue to train whilst raising funds. Increase charity awareness, get more support, get fit and feel good

Strava Sign-up Guide

  1. Open in a new tab
  2. Create an account
  3. Come back to Bravera and take a challenge

Challenge Sign-up Guide

  1. Select a charity
  2. Connect to your Strava account
  3. Start your challenge and get supporters