With Bravera, you can create milestones to make training for a race more meaningful. 


We do this by using activity tracking technology to help people train and get fit while raising money for worthwhile causes at the same time.

Get involved

After extensive research, development and product design, we’re now collaborating with outdoor events partners and charities to test the concept through our prototype and trial challenge.

We're currently using Strava data from our beta participants to learn how to improve the Bravera experience and make their milestones matter.

Discover more about the charities involved and our current Beta Challengers who are supporting them.


The benefits will include:

  • The person training gets help, motivation, and support
  • The donors and supporters are invested in the journey, from sign-up to finish line
  • The charity has an opportunity to create a relationship with participants and donors

Raise funds, increase charity awareness, get support, get fit and feel good. Here's how.