What is Bravera?

Bravera is the fusion of technology with health, fitness, and human altruistic nature.

We enhance existing activity tracking technology to help people train and get fit while also raising money for worthwhile causes at the same time.

After extensive research, customer development, and product design, we’re collaborating with outdoor events partners and charities to design and build a prototype and test the concept [Beta Test].

The benefits will include:

  • Participants who take the challenge will get motivation and support from Bravera & supporters
  • Both donors and supporters are invested in the journey, from sign-up to challenge end date
  • Charities create and foster a closer relationship with participants and supporters


What does 'Milestones that Matter' mean?

Research has proven that setting milestones without meaning or in isolation are seldom met (as high as 92% failure rate!). When sign-up for a challenge with Bravera and get supporters to pledge money against your distance milestones, those milestones matter!

Our prototype [Beta Test] will issue something easy and straightforward – a 100km in 30 days’ challenge. Sound easy? Well, think about it, you miss one day and suddenly you have to move 6.6km the next day, miss that day and you’re up to 9.9km to keep on top of things.  Ideally, we’d like for you to show a little effort and run, but you can also hike and walk to reach goals.

Your Strava activity data will synchronize automatically with your Bravera challenge when an activity has been completed, the progress in Kms updated on our profile and, when you reach 50km and 100km, the funds pledged for charity are released automatically.


Who are your partnering charities?

During the prototype [Beta Test]  phase, we have 4 committed charities that serves different areas of work in and outside of Hong Kong; including:


How do the charities get donations?

Bravera partners with global payment partner Stripe to manage payment transactions when milestones are reached by each individual participant and supporter / donor. We have connected the Strava GPS activity tracking data with both the Bravera challenge and automatic payments on Stripe. When a supporter / donor (or a participant makes a donation as well as take the challenge) the full amount of the donations pledged will be held by Stripe until milestones are met.


How do I sign up?

This is the easy part during prototype [Beta Testing] phase. We’ve made accepting a challenge very easy. All you need to do is:-

  1. Find the Challenge that appeals to you (or has been sent to you by someone)
  2. Accept the challenge
  3. Set your donation milestone requests
  4. Connect to activity tracking app Strava (www.strava.com)
  5. Set personal donations against your milestones and / or send direct to peers for sponsorship.
  6. Go out and start running, walking, hiking to reach your milestones and get funds released to charity.  

(Note: If you’ve not got a Strava account yet don’t worry - it is easy to set-up and account and download onto your Smartphone on the App Store or on Google Play).


Is there a sign up/registration fee if I want to participate in the prototype [Beta Test] ?

No, there is no registration fee when signing up to participate. However, we do strongly encourage you to get supporters to pledge money against your distance milestones, those milestones matter! You can also support the cause yourself and donate against your own milestones.


Who is eligible to participate in the Beta Test?

The prototype [Beta Test] is open to anyone interested in moving for a good cause! (However, as this is a Beta Test Space is limited). 

Please Click Here to be taken to the registration form and we will get back to you shortly.  


How much money should I raise? Is there a minimum or maximum goal?

There is no minimum or maximum goal required when raising funds for the charity, but we do encourage you to have fun and get fit! Walking or running will be more meaningful knowing that you’re raising funds for your supported charity. When you accept a challenge and sign-up (from 20th November onwards) you’ll get the chance to pre-set the minimum donation pledge amounts that will be sent to your peers.


Do I need a third party fitness tracker to participate?

For the time being, yes. Our prototype [Beta Test] supports Strava (www.strava.com) which connects to most IoT Fitness Wearables (e.g. Garmin, Polar, FitBit). It does not require a smartwatch and can be used on smartphones with both IOS and Android OS.  It is easy to find Strava on the App Store or on Google Play).

In the coming months we will increase the amount of partners and devices supported by Bravera.  


Can I integrate a third party wearable that is supported by Strava?

Yes! Bravera integrates with selected models for Garmin, FitBit, Polar, Suunto, Apple Watch, Samsung, and more … please click here for an article on this.


Why is there an ‘initial donation’ instead of all milestones being linked to activities?

This is a platform that aims to add fun and fitness to fundraising, but we still want to ensure a minimum amount of funding is delivered to the charity, but in case a participant fails in reaching milestones, donations should still be made.

Think of the first donation as a ‘kick-start’ to get the participants moving. Have you ever tried to start a campaign on another social crowdfunding site and it stays on $0.00 for a long time? It is not inspiring! (This is sometimes a reason why others don’t donate for a cause that has $ 0.00 on the landing page and why we give you the option to donate / support yourself on sign-up!).

During the prototype [Beta Test] phase, Bravera will show a summary of the challenge totals and amount raised and pledged (outstanding) for charity. Individual activities will be listed on the participants’ Strava activities page. The participants should allow their Strava account to be public.


How will my donors know if I have reached my milestones?

Once you have created a profile on the Bravera platform, you are required to use a fitness tracking app to connect to the Strava app. Your fitness data will then be updated on our website after each completion of activity on Strava. It may take a minute or two for the summary page to update, but it will soon after each activity. Additionally, we will send out an email of confirmation to your donors just before each milestone is reached and when you complete the challenge.


Are the donations automatically transferred over when I reach my milestone?

Bravera partners with global payment partner Stripe that manages the payment transactions.  Once participants reach activity milestones confirmed by the GPS activity data payments will be released automatically to the bank account provided by the charity.


What non-profit organizations can I support by taking a challenge?

Currently, Bravera is building its network of databases of non-profit organizations to support. During the prototype [Beta Test] phase, we have 4 committed charities that serves different areas of work in and outside of Hong Kong with section 88 status. This list will continue to grow as word spreads about Bravera. If you’d like to nominate a charity, or even work for a charity and want to register with our platform, please sign-up here.


How is my activity tracked?

Once you have connected your Bravera challenge with your Strava account; your activity data will download automatically upon completion of activity. The progress in Kms will then by updated on your Bravera challenge page.


Is it only restricted to walking and running? Can I play a sport (ex. tennis, soccer)

At the moment, our prototype [Beta Test] will be restricted to walks and runs since Strava tracks your milestones by distance. We feel it would be difficult to play soccer or tennis to hit these milestones! However, we will continue to develop the product to accommodate all needs in the near future.


Is there a set time for me to walk in order for my miles to count?

The prototype [Beta Test] will be launched on 20th November, 2017. Upon the launch, our program is designed to allow you to start the challenge 6AM the next day. For example, if you sign-up Monday 6pm your challenge will start the next morning, Tuesday at 6AM. Any activities recorded on Strava before the challenge start-time of 6AM the next day WILL NOT be counted.

Once your countdown has begun you are free to move at any time of the day in order to complete your 100Km challenge. Good Luck!


Do I have to run/walk/hike 3.3Km exactly everyday?

The prototype [Beta Test] challenge is to complete 100Km within 30 days. Participants are more than welcome to run more or less than 3.3 Km any day, skip days or even run once a week. But, remember if you miss one day you’ll suddenly have to move 6.6km the next day, miss that day and you’re up to 9.9km to keep on top of things


Can I get others involved?

Please do! Once you accept a challenge you’ll get a link to your landing page and the link will also be inside the confirmation email. Copy this link and send in emails, post on social media, etc to get peers to contribute to your challenge. Don't forget to tag us in your pictures and hashtag #braveraco #braverachallenge #milestonesthatmatter

Remember though, others are 67% more likely to follow your lead if you show you’re invested in the challenge as well by making a donation yourself!

Yes, it is that important to also set the standard and show an example. The more you invite, the more you fundraise so make sure you invite as many as you can.


What if my Strava activities are not being updated on my Bravera challenge?

Short answer is, they should be. But, we are sorry this is happening. If you’re experiencing issues please email admin@bravera.co for support.


Are there any surcharges when pledging a donation?

There will be no extra charges beyond the amount you pledged. However, please note that Bravera takes a 6% fee from each pledged donation amount; in order to provide quality services and continuous development for this product. In addition, the payment gateway (online payment) provider takes a fee of 3.4% + HKD 2.35 per donation.  

ALL THE FUNDS DONATED (excluding the fees) will be directly transferred to the charity.


How can I cancel my donation transaction?

We hope you do not decide to do this! However, if you want to do so, please do send us an email at admin@bravera.co and we can investigate and find a resolution.   


Why is my donation separated into 3 increments for this prototype trial?

We are trying to create a more engaging experience for both the participants and donors. To encourage the participants to train and complete the challenge we are trying to test out whether separating the donation into increments becomes more motivating. At the same time, donors could become more involved with their sponsors progress while learning more about the sponsored charity.


How will I know if the participant I sponsored reached their milestone?

We are as excited as you are! And we hope that you will check the participants’ landing page frequently to check on progress throughout the challenge! We will also send you email notification from time to time of his / her progress … and even if he / she is behind! (for you to then give some support!)


Do I get the full amount I donated back if my sponsor didn’t reach their milestones?

Whether your sponsor has reached or failed in reaching a milestone, the first donation or the “kick start” will be transacted immediately to ensure charities receive a minimum amount. Subsequently, Bravera will take a 6% fee from the total transaction and the payment gateway (online payment) provider takes a 3.4% + HKD 2.34 fee. Once the transaction fee is deducted, a refund will be processed back into your bank account within 10-15 working days after the challenge deadline has passed.  

We hope you understand that the fee charged by Bravera is to provide quality services and continuous development for this product. That is why we encourage you to motivate the person you sponsored so that your donations will successfully transfer to your sponsors charity of choice.

I represent a charity

How do I sign up?

I want to set-up a challenge, I’m a charity / cause

Great! We’d love to hear from you and help you get an engaging challenge going. Please Click Here to be taken to the registration form and we will get back to you shortly.


Can my organization collaborate with Bravera if we are not a registered charity?

Bravera is currently focused on Hong Kong based tax-exempt organization with section 88 status. We are continuously building our network of databases of non-profit organizations to support.

However, please do share your desire to work with us and tell us your story. We are also contemplating peer-to-peer social crowdfunding.

Please do keep in contact with us; send us an email at admin@bravera.co and we will keep you updated if there are any changes in the future!


How can I choose the charity I would like to (run/walk) move for?

During the prototype [Beta Test]  phase, participants will only have the option to choose among the 4 partner charities we are currently working with.

We are continuously improving our product in order for it to be adaptable to all participants and charity in the near future.


How much does it cost to register my charity?

We do not charge charities any registration fee to become part of our growing network. On the other hand, we’d love to hear from you and help you get an engaging challenge going. Please Click Here to be taken to the registration form and we will get back to you shortly.  

Currently: ALL social crowdfunding sites work on revenue from “transaction fees.”

Please note that once your organization collaborates with Bravera, we will takes a 6% fee from each processed donation; in order to provide quality services and continuous development for this product. In addition, the payment gateway (online payment) provider takes 3.4% fee.


How can I sponsor Bravera?

We’re really excited to know you’re interested in being a potential sponsor. Please email admin@bravera.co with the email title ‘Sponsor Enquiry’ and we will get back to you shortly.

Didn't get your question answered? Not a problem! We look forward to hearing from you!

For further comments & inquiries, please feel free to contact us at admin@bravera.co.