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Guide to Sign Up for Non-Strava Users

If you don't have Strava:

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Guide to Sign Up for Strava Users

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1. Select a charity from the list below

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3. Start your challenge and get supporters


Angkor Hospital for Children

Mission: To improve healthcare for all Cambodian children. 

Our Beta Challengers:

Olga    Giulio   Michelle   Alyn


Child Welfare Scheme

Our mission is to provide protection, education, health care and opportunities to disadvantaged children and their families. Each year CWS supports 30, 000 children directly and thousands more indirectly.

Our Beta Challengers:

James   Jon  Skott   Bonnie   Alyn   Johnny   Kate   M. Tang   Charles       


Free to Run

Free to Run’s mission is to use running and outdoor adventure to empower and educate women and girls who have been affected by conflict. 

Our Beta Challengers:

Kat  Lauren   Francis   Virginie   Megan   Des   Alyn



RefuGeek is a series of courses that aim to offer refugees and asylum seekers around the world the opportunity to learn basic code and web design skills in order to give them the skills they need to succeed in society today.

Our Beta Challengers:

Paul   Alex   Alyn   Tank

If you’d like to nominate a charity, or even work for a charity and want to register with our platform, please sign-up here.