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Angkor Hospital for Children

Angkor Hospital for Children is filling the gaps present in the Cambodian healthcare system, performing over 170,000 treatments each year to combat Cambodia's extremely high child mortality rate. HKD 100 gives one child care in the outpatient department. HKD 500 gives one child treatment in the Emergency Room. HKD 1,000 provides homecare for 75 patients & food supplies for 1 week. HKD 2,000 provides care for a baby in the neonatal unit for one day.

Fundraising Goal: HK$20,000
Pledged to date: HK$1,670.00 (8%)
Secured to date: HK$1,670.00 (8%)
Distance Travelled: 798 KM
Calories Burned: 8388.8 Calories

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